Project Get Smoooth
Date 2018

The Get Smoooth campaign was a collaboration between Klarna and Snoop Dogg. For the campaign, the rapper's new identity, "Smoooth Dogg", was launched along with a collection of smooth items such as golden peanut butter, silky sheets and cashmere toilet paper. Launched in 2019.

My role
I was a part of the sites team, working from a (video heavy) concept design provided by the ad agency. My job was to adapt the campaign concept into a working responsive campaign site.

The challenge
Every screen had some kind of motion involved, whether it was video background loops or animated text transitions, stuff was moving. And it had to be smooth obviously.

Project Demostore
Date 2019

Another project I worked on during my time at Klarna was the Demostore, an interactive guide showing all the features you get with Klarna connected to your store. I was responsible for visual design and UX, prototyping, user research.

Project Klarna.com - Customer journey
Date 2018

Animations for the customer journey.